Facial and Leg Vein Removal

What are facial and leg veins?

The circulatory system is intended to move blood in one direction. In healthy veins, reverse blood flow is stopped by one-way valves. However, vein damage or disease can weaken the vessel walls, causing them to stretch away from the valve. When this occurs, blood can accumulate in the vessel, causing swelling and discoloration. Varicose and spider veins appear red, blue, or purple and sometimes swollen. They are not broken. When capillaries (small, superficial vessels) break, they cause red lesions.

Facial and leg vein treatment

Diseased veins are unsightly, embarrassing, and sometimes even painful. In the past, many people felt doomed to wear long pants, cover their faces with cosmetics, and live with the discomfort. Fortunately, modern medicine offers a wealth of safe, effective solutions to help you look and feel great.

How does facial and leg vein treatment work?

Visible veins are damaged or diseased, meaning that they are not functioning properly. Removal of the vein is not harmful; the blood flow is naturally re-directed to healthy, functional veins. Most facial and leg veins can be treated with procedures that cause them to close naturally and be absorbed by the body. This may be accomplished with light therapy, injectables, or radiofrequency. Occasionally, a minor surgery is needed to remove large, problematic varicose veins.

Facial and leg vein treatment with other treatments

Visible facial or leg veins may be treated individually, or as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to address other concerns. The duration of the treatment plan will vary, depending on the nature of your concerns, and the procedures that are required to correct them. While some dermatologic procedures can be performed simultaneously or very close together, others will need healing time between appointments.

We can devise a plan to clear up skin rashes, improve texture and tone, eliminate problematic veins, reduce the signs of aging, reshape your body, and more!

Facial and leg vein treatment costs

Prices vary depending on the number and size of veins treated, as well as the procedure used. Facial veins treatment starts at $350 per session and leg vein treatment starts at $450 per session

Facial and Leg Vein treatment at Dr. W Dermatology

We have extensive experience treating a variety of facial and leg vein problems. He offers a variety of treatment options, because each individual is unique. After a comprehensive evaluation, he will recommend the most comfortable and effective option for you.

Treatments we provide include:
  • Sclerotherapy Treatment – A formula called a sclerosing solution is injected into the problematic vein. Over time, the vein naturally closes and fades away. This is appropriate for spider veins and small varicose veins.
  • Laser and IPL treatment – High powered light energy absorbed by hemoglobin in blood cells is used to treat facial veins to eliminate the redness and visible capillaries as well as the redness due to rosacea.

Types of facial and leg vein conditions

We all have veins throughout our bodies, usually hidden below the skin surface. When damage or vein disease cause those near the surface to darken, they become visible.
  • Large, bulging, often twisted veins are called varicose. They typically appear on the legs and may cause pain, itching, or burning sensations, particularly after periods of inactivity.
  • Smaller visible veins are called spider veins. They frequently appear on the legs or the face.
  • Tiny, broken capillaries are a common cause for facial redness.
If you are troubled by facial or leg veins, visit Dr. W Dermatology at our Katy location, or our Houston location. Call (281) 771-0494 and schedule an appointment today.

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To Dr. Weaver and Staff:

First of all I want to thank you all for being courteous, friendly, but most of all caring. Thanks!!!!!

To date, I have had two sclerotherapy treatments. With hopefully one more treatment to complete this procedure. With the first treatment there was an immediate relief. My legs before this was always tired and feeling heavy, not to mention my feet were always cold. With the second treatment, it was like a miracle cosmetically and physically. I also have a heart condition, with this treatment my heart is even pumping better than ever. This has changed my life tremendously, I feel this is a true miracle and the best thing I have ever done for myself. I would recommend this to anyone that has vein problems. Thanks Dr. Weaver for making me whole again. Bless You.!!

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