Aging Skin and Wrinkles

Understanding the aging process

With the passage of time, many changes take place in our bodies. One of the first areas where aging becomes noticeable is the skin. People in their twenties enjoy youthful, fresh, smooth skin. Cell renewal, which is the process of shedding old skin cells, and forming new ones, slows and becomes less efficient over time.

Signs of aging usually begin appearing when people are in their thirties, and become more predominant with each passing year. Eventually, pigmentation problems, sagging skin, and deep wrinkles form.

Skin timeline

Twenties: Skin appears healthy and youthful, but the cell renewal process is slowing. Your skin begins to thin, and it can begin losing its radiant glow. Good skin care and sun protection are the keys to keeping your youthful appearance as long as possible.

Thirties: If your skin has been well cared for, it should still look fresh and smooth. However, hormonal changes at this age affect the lipids in skin, decreasing its moisture retention. Exfoliation and moisturizer become more important. If your skin has suffered neglect and frequent sun exposure, it begins taking a toll.

Forties: The signs of aging begin to show. Repetitive facial expressions cause lines and wrinkles around your eyes, while the loss of volume causes sagging in the lower part of your face. Pigmentation problems begin developing in sun exposed areas.

Fifties and beyond: Wrinkles, lines, dryness, pigmentation problems, and uneven texture become more predominant with time. Good dermatologic care is important for the health and appearance of your skin.

Factors that affect aging

Everyone ages differently. To some extent, this is predetermined by genetics. However, many other factors such as smoking, environmental conditions, pollutants, and health conditions also play a role. Although no one can stop the hands of time, there are steps you can take to keep your skin looking younger for longer:
  • Use sun protection
  • Exfoliate regularly, but not excessively
  • Use products appropriate for your skin type
  • See your dermatologist when you have skin problems

Anti-aging treatment at Dr. W Dermatology

We can help you turn back the clock with a variety of treatments, such as Botox, dermal fillers, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and even liposuction for those stubborn bulges.

Call us at (281) 771-0494 to schedule a consultation at our Katy office or our Houston office.

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