Meet the team of Dr. W Dermatology

Dr. W Dermatology is staffed by an amazing group of talented, friendly, compassionate professionals. From our office staff to our medical care providers, everyone in our offices is highly trained and proficient in their niche. We believe that a team of exceptional individuals, working together efficiently, is vital for delivering the best possible care to our patients. We look forward to meeting you in person, when you visit our office.

Lina Munoz

Practice Manager

Katy Dermatology Specialists - Lina Munoz
Lina has been a part of the Dr. W Dermatology team for more than a decade. She holds a bachelor’s degrees in accounting and banking/finance. Lina is dedicated to advancing the practice, and she loves her job.

When she is not working, Lina enjoys reading, watching television, and spending time with her husband and children.

Barbara Besecker, RN

Staff Nurse

Katy Dermatology Specialists - Barbara Besecker, RN
Barb is from Buffalo, NY, and she has been part of Dr. Weaver’s team since 1995. She is certified in ACLS and CPR as well as all laser procedures. She is also trained in the liposuction technique, and she has extensive experience administering injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers.

Mae Gesulga

Certified Medical & Laser Assistant

Katy Dermatology Specialists - Mae Gesulga
Mae has been part of our team since 2002. She is certified as a laser specialist, and she has a Bachelor of Arts in finance. When not working, Mae enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her son, sister, and family.

Stephanie Gonzales


Katy Dermatology Specialists - Stephanie Gonzales
Stephanie joined the Dr. W Dermatology team in 2007. Her favorite pastimes include playing soccer, working out, and spending time with friends.

Jackie Barreda

Laser Specialist

Katy Dermatology Specialists - Jackie Barreda
Jackie joined Dr. Weaver’s team in 2003. She is a certified laser specialist with 14 years of experience. She is, married and a proud mother of two children. Her hobbies include spending time outdoors, reading, and listening to music of all genres.

Hazel Ganze

Medical Aesthetician

Katy Dermatology Specialists - Hazel Ganze
Hazel has multiple licenses in the esthetic world including skin care. She has worked in the medical skin care field for over 9 years, with close to 3 of those years spent working with Dr. Weaver. She is a native Houstonian and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Houston. She loves helping individuals with their skin and combining the medical and esthetic techniques along with her artistic flare. She continues to do art in her spare time.

Mary Edwards

Medical Assistant II

Katy Dermatology Specialists - Mary Edwards
Mary happily joined the Dr. W Dermatology team in 2013, Bringing multiple years of quality experience as a specialized Dermatology Medical Assistant to the practice. She always Delivers top notched medical and dermatological care to all of her patients, having a special interest in taking care of the elderly. She is originally from Georgia and truly exhibits that extraordinary Taste of southern hospitality mixed in with superior customer service, which is always well received by everyone she makes encounters with. She works very hard at maintaining a close knitted family, and in her leisure time, she enjoys doing fun things such as interior decorating, attending the ballet, collecting antiques, listening to Country & Western music, and raising/attending to exotic birds and tropical fish.

Dr. W Dermatology
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I am glad that I was granted the opportunity to praise this office. Being a person that never felt good about seeing a doctor, I wait with anticipation about seeing Dr. Seymour Weaver and staff. You guys make me feel comfortable and give me hope that my problem will be cured. Most of all, the staff relaxes me with their sweet smile, great sense of humor, and soothing conversation. If I have to complain about anything, it would be that I didn't discover you, your staff, and my treatments any sooner. Keep up the good work!!!! Read More