Dr. Seymour Weaver and his team are dedicated to helping others enjoy optimal health and beauty. These products are the result of sound medical knowledge combined with extensive research and development. They are formulated for safety and effectiveness, to help you achieve your personal best in every way.

Skin Care and Hair Care Products at Dr. W Dermatology

Skin Care Products

  • Total Solution Rejuvenating Wash
  • Pigment Bar
  • Dr. W’s Eye Lighten Cream

Hair Care Products

Weight loss

Weight loss with Dr. W DermatologyDieting often becomes a vicious cycle, which can wreak havoc with your emotional and physical health. You eat too little, depriving yourself of nutrition, and comfort. Stress, poor health, or lack of results drive you back to your old ways of eating with a vengeance. You regain everything you lost, and possibly more, so you start the cycle over again. There is a better way. Dr. Weaver developed Dr. W’s Healthy Slim 365 to give you a healthy, effective, simple, and affordable alternative to the hazards of obesity and yo-yo dieting.

This all-in-one, convenient supplement is formulated to help you lose weight and gain health, easily and safely.
  • An effective appetite suppressant
  • Increased energy
  • Nutritional boost from super foods
  • Detoxification
  • Fat burner
  • Gluten free

Dr. W Dermatology
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HCQR 5% cream is by far the best for removing dark spots anywhere on the body. Within 2-7 days the dark spot is gone compared to 1-6 months for OTC and other RY Creams. Thank you Dr. Weaver for your expertise.