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Fat Transfer – Microlipoinjection

What is Microlipoinjection?

This is a technique for augmenting facial contours, reducing wrinkles, and filling in depressions or deformities, using an individual’s own fat. The procedure is known as fat transfer, autologous fat transplantation, or microlipoinjection. It is very safe, with no concern regarding allergies, because it uses fat that comes from the patient’s own body.

The benefits of fat transfer include:

  • Allergy free
  • Cost effective, particularly when combined with other treatments
  • Less invasive than surgical procedures
  • Beautiful, natural looking result
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Fat transfer treatment at Dr. W Dermatology

Fat transfer is a relatively simple process of removing fat cells from one area of the body (donor site) and injecting them in another area (recipient site). The buttock, thigh, or flanks is commonly used for the donor site; it should be an area with a thick fat layer. Before the procedure begins, both areas are numbed with local anesthesia for your comfort. The fat cells are gently extracted from the donor site, and purified to remove excess moisture. Next, the cells are injected in precise locations at the donor site to increase volume. These steps are repeated until the optimal amount of fat has been transferred. The area must be slightly overfilled, because a portion of the injected fat will be absorbed and removed by your body. When the procedure is complete, your doctor will apply pressure bandages to the recipient and donor sites, to prevent swelling or blood clots from developing.


Fat transfer is a gentle, natural procedure and it can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. To prevent discomfort after the procedure, your doctor may prescribe pain medication. You might experience mild bruising, swelling, or both at the site of treatment, which should diminish in time. You will be able to resume normal daily activities immediately, though we recommend that you avoid strenuous activities for several days.

A single treatment generally lasts about six months before the fat is absorbed by the body. However, a series of treatments (usually three or four) can last much longer, in some cases up to three years or longer.

Fat transfer combination treatments

This procedure is frequently performed along with other treatments such as with Botox, microdermabrasion, or other cosmetic enhancements.

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