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Treatment of Large Pores

What are skin pores?

We all have pores. Sweat, oil, dead cells, and impurities pass through these small openings in the surface of the skin. Pores are essential for maintaining skin hydration and elasticity. They also play an important role in your overall health, by assisting other organs in eliminating toxins from the body. Many people forget that the skin is the largest bodily organ, and its health is closely linked with internal health.

Causes of large pores

Typically, the pores in healthy skin are too small to be visible. However, when they become clogged they may appear larger. Skin is subjected to many impurities on a daily basis, from internal and external sources. Dead skin cells, excess oil, cosmetic products, sweat, dirt, and other substances you come into contact can contribute to clogging the pores. Daily cleansing, with a product appropriate for your skin type, is essential for keeping your pores clean and healthy.

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Another factor that affects the size of pores is age. Over time, the collagen levels in skin diminish, leading to a loss of elasticity. Additionally, the cumulative effects of sun exposure over the years cause skin to become thicker. As dead skin cells and debris collect around the edges of pores, they become more visible, and tend to stretch.

The single most significant factor in pore size is actually genetic. Individuals with thicker skin that produces larger quantities of oil are going to have larger pores. If this describes you, take comfort in the fact that increased oil production will help your skin stay supple and elastic for longer.

Treatment for large pores at Dr. W Dermatology

Enlarged, visible pores on your face can have a negative effect on your appearance and self-esteem. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for this problem. However, we have several effective techniques for reducing the appearance of large pores. They include:

  • Skin care – We will help you choose the best products, and devise a skin care regimen that is both convenient and affective.
  • Microdermabrasion – This gentle treatment lifts dead skin cells and stimulates healthy collagen production.
  • Medical Microdermabrasion – This procedure is similar to standard microdermabrasion, but it is performed with high quality medical grade equipment in combination with chemical peeling, it can be an effective therapy for smoothening and softening skin, as well as improving the tone.
  • Tretinoin – This formula, commonly called Rentin-A, is used to clear pores by stimulating cell turnover and softening blackheads. Renova is a similar formula, but gentler because it includes soothing, hydrating ingredients.
  • Exfoliation – You can maintain your pores at home with exfoliating facial scrubs. You can use ingredients such as sugar, salt, or oatmeal for exfoliation, or buy commercially prepared formulas. It is important to discuss the product and frequency of use with your dermatologist, as harsh or vigorous exfoliation may damage sensitive skin.

Your best solution

Because your skin is unique, the best treatment for large pores and other skin conditions is customized to your needs. We will recommend the best products and procedures to help you achieve clear, smooth, glowing skin safely. Call us at (281) 771-0494 and schedule an appointment today. Dr. W Dermatology has offices in Houston for your convenience.

| Deirdre F.

“I, Deirdre Fields, have been a patient of Dr. Weaver for over ten years. I have a severe on going acne problem that is hereditary. Prior to seeking Dr. Weaver’s services nothing really arrested the problem. Today I feel confident and self-assured and not hindered by embarrassment of continued severe acne breakouts. Dr. Weaver uses the most progressive treatments tailored to my specific situation. Dr. Weaver listens to concerns and does what is necessary to assure the patient. Dr. Weaver is always researching and developing better ways to aid his patients with their individual problems.

I am well pleased with Dr. Weaver’s services and plan on continued use of his expertise. I believe he is one of the premier dermatologists in his field.”