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Cosmetic treatments restore youthful appearance for patients in the Katy area

Dr. Weaver Seymour at Dr. W Dermatology in Katy offers Cosmetic treatments restore youthful appearance for patients

The reasons that many turn to the specialists at Dr. W Dermatology ultimately have to do with changes that have occurred to their skin over time. Lifestyle and environmental factors hasten many of these age-related changes, which may lead individuals to seek professional cosmetic enhancement.

Exposure to natural ultraviolet rays from the sun or artificial UV from tanning lamps is among the biggest external threats to the health and appearance of your skin. As a Katy area resident you are lucky to live in the Sun Belt, where an enviable 60 percent of the year skies are sunny. Yet, without proper sun avoidance and protection, you can develop unwanted complexion traits, prematurely.

The passing of years impacts the volume of firming collagen, flexible elastin, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid produced by your body. When these processes combine with damaging UV rays and other habits like smoking, you may see signs of aging earlier than your peers in other parts of the country or those who exercise great skincare and prevention. These changes include:

  • Hyperpigmentation such as sun or liver spots.
  • Loose skin.
  • Deep expression lines, such as crow’s feet around the eyes from years of squinting.

The biggest threat posed by the sun’s rays is skin cancer. The Texas Medical Association reports one in three Texans will be diagnosed with this most common type of cancer. Often, skin cancers show up first as cosmetic concerns — unsightly, scaly pink or flesh-colored patches and multi-colored spots or moles. These cancers are not a threat exclusive to fair-skinned blondes and redheads. Patients of all skin tones and types should be vigilant about wearing full-spectrum sunscreen, even on overcast days.

Dr. W Dermatology is equipped to treat a number of conditions that can detract from a youthful appearance, some of which are unrelated to advancing age or exposure to the sun’s rays. These conditions include:

  • Acne
  • Scars from acne or surgeries
  • Excess, unwanted hair
  • Pockets of stubborn fat
  • Spider and varicose veins

Some of the most popular treatments and approaches offered by Dr. W Dermatology are divided into the following categories:

  • Laser- or light-based therapies to remove unwanted hair or tattoos, and to improve the appearance of freckles, brown spots, acne, scars, or rough or lackluster skin.
  • Injectable treatments such as dermal fillers, Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or sclerotherapy. These treatments restore facial contours, improve expression lines, and address spider and varicose veins.
  • Medical-grade products and oral medications for acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and rough skin texture.
  • Resurfacing with dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and chemical peels.
  • Minimally-invasive procedures for skin tightening and fat reduction.

These and other cosmetic treatments are available to patients in the Katy area. Professional dermatology care can safely and effectively improve or eliminate the conditions mentioned here, as well as any other concerns you may have. Bring those concerns and questions to a consultation at either the Katy or Houston office. Call 281 771-0494 for scheduling.

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