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Houston dermatologist can resolve pigmented skin issues

Houston, TX area patients who are dealing with pigmentation issues such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation may feel self-conscious about the appearance of their skin. Instead of being embarrassed, patients with pigmentated skin issues are welcome to contact the team at Dr. W Dermatology to discuss the treatment options available for them.

What is hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation?

When patients are experiencing poor tone of their skin, they may be struggling with pigmentation issues. Pigmentation means that the skin is darker or lighter in certain areas—instead of being the same color throughout. There are many reasons why pigmentation issues can develop, but there are solutions. This may include any of the following services available with Dr. Seymour Weaver of Houston, TX:

  • Bleaching creams – patients with areas of darker pigmentation on the skin may benefit from regular applications of special prescription bleaching creams. These can lighten the pigmentated areas and help them evenly blend into the rest of the skin for a smoother appearance.
  • Laser therapies – Dr. Seymour Weaver proudly offers special laser therapies that can be used to target pigmented skin and reduce the darker appearance.
  • Microdermabrasion – procedures such as microdermabrasion can be used not only for evening out skin tone when pigmentation issues exist, but also to achieve smoother, healthier-looking skin.
  • Microneedling – microneedling achieves beautiful skin by piercing it with very tiny needles to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, improving collagen and elastin production.
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Determining the treatment right for you is done during a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with the team of Dr. W Dermatology.

Want to learn more about effective treatments for pigmented skin?

If you are dealing with hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation anywhere on the skin, Dr. Seymour Weaver can help. His practice is equipped with the latest solutions for patients to choose from in the Houston, TX area. His office is conveniently located at 9432 Katy Freeway, Ste. 450 and is available by phone at 281 771-0494. Call today to book a consultation visit and learn about the many ways to enhance the skin’s natural beauty!

If you have pigmented skin issues in Houston, TX, contact Dr. Weaver to learn about solutions at 281 771-0494.

“Dr. Weaver is without a doubt the most caring and professional dermatologist/doctor I have ever been to. I had a colored tattoo removed and I was very nervous about the procedure; however, Dr. Weaver and his professional staff made me feel right at “home” the entire time and really put my mind at ease. The procedure to remove the tattoo went extremely well and the tattoo can no longer be seen. I would without a doubt recommend Dr. W Dermatology to my family, friends as well as everyone else! Thanks, Dr. Weaver for your great work, kindness and professionalism.”