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Houston dermatologist offers permanent hair removal without the pain, thanks to advanced laser treatments

permanent hair removal without the pain

Having smooth, silky skin for life may seem too good to be true. As a pioneer in laser-assisted hair removal, Dr. W Dermatology has spent 20 years perfecting techniques so you can permanently be free of unwanted hair and avoid the time commitment associated with razors, waxes, depilatory creams, and tweezers.

Laser hair removal: A better way

UK-based beauty retailer reported the average woman spends 21 days each year on shaving. It’s a time-consuming chore, because razors and other store-bought products only provide a temporary solution.

Traditionally, electrolysis may have been your only permanent hair removal option. A tiny needle is inserted into the follicle where hair grows. As the needle delivers a pulse of electric current, the follicle is damaged and eventually destroyed. While electrolysis is effective and advances in technology have helped patients tolerate the procedure better, it is still associated with discomfort. Since each and every hair follicle must be treated, electrolysis is a slow, painstaking process. Generally, more sessions are associated with higher costs for treatment.

Make the switch, ditch the razor and avoid the needle

Cooling may be applied to relieve any discomfort, which is generally compared to a mild stinging or sensation like a rubber band snapped against the skin.

Dr. W Dermatology uses many different types of lasers, so patients of all skin types and skin colors can be treated. Traditionally, lasers were limiting for some patients. Since the laser targets the pigment that gives hair its color, this treatment has conventionally worked best on dark hairs against lighter skin. Some patients were at risk of developing skin damage, due to the inability for lasers with limited wavelengths to safely target pigment.

The professionals at Dr. W Dermatology have experienced first-hand an exciting evolution in how lasers are precisely projected across the light spectrum, which has opened up a world of treatment options to many patients.

Today’s modern lasers can permanently free patients from the constraints of traditional hair removal. All that is needed to maintain those results is a touch-up session or two each year.

To find out more about how laser hair removal works, contact your Houston Dermatologist, Dr. W Dermatology. Call (281) 771-0494 to schedule a consultation at the office in St. Joseph’s Professional Building, across from St. Joseph Hospital in the Central Business District.

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