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What you can expect from the laser hair removal process with your Cinco Ranch dermatologist

laser hair removal process with your Cinco Ranch dermatologist

Why continue to use a razor when our laser can produce permanent results? The time consuming task of hair removal via shaving, plucking, or waxing does not have to take up your precious time. For some, these activities are a part of daily life. Providing only temporary results, shaving and other hair removal methods may also leave the skin irritated and bumpy. For these reasons alone, the laser hair removal process makes sense for many of the men and women who visit our office in Cinco Ranch.

The laser hair removal process

Laser treatment is a very straightforward process that has streamlined the hair removal process. Our equipment directs specific wavelengths of light to the follicles in the skin. When light enters the follicles, it is absorbed by pigment within actively growing hairs. The advanced technology that is used today far exceeds early hair removal treatments, which were successful mainly on lighter skin tones and darker hair. Using wavelengths that target pigment in hair, not in skin, we are now able to achieve better results on a wide variety of hues.

During laser hair removal treatment, a mild stinging or snapping sensation may occur as follicles absorb energy. Any lingering sting can be alleviated with ice packs.

Hair grows in a cycle during which a portion of hair is active and a portion is inactive. Laser hair removal targets the actively growing hair that is present in follicles. For this reason, permanent results are achieved through a series of treatment sessions scheduled a few weeks apart. In each session, active hairs are destroyed. Upon the completion of six to twelve sessions, there should be no hair remaining. Many people schedule touch up treatment once a year or so to keep the skin ultra smooth.

Great results and free time

Many people wonder just how effective the laser hair removal process really is. Patients who have worked with Dr. Seymour Weaver in Houston area have been pleasantly surprised at how smooth their skin remains after their treatments begin. Laser technology is very precise and very effective for its designated purpose. The equipment that we use is state-of-the-art and has a proven track record for long lasting results.

There are so many things to do in a day, why spend unnecessary time grooming unwanted hair? Contact us today for your laser hair removal consultation in Houston area.

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