October Newsletter 2014
Don't be embarrassed to ask your cosmetic dermatologist
Aesthetic skin care is evolving quickly. New techniques are available to help you look refreshed and feel rejuvenated. So don't be afraid to ask your cosmetic dermatologist questions like these about aging.

What's the best way to get rid of facial hair?
Laser hair removal targets melanin in hair follicles for effective elimination of offending facial hair. For those with white or very light hair, the prescription cream Vaniqa (eflornithine) employs an enzyme that interferes with follicle growth.

Why does my face look gaunt?
As we age we lose facial volume in the form of hydration, fat, muscle, and bone. Loss of volume is often noticed first at the temples, apples of cheeks, and around eyes. Dermal fillers add instant volume and continue to plump skin from within, with formulations that accumulate hydration. Dermal fillers also stimulate natural collagen production for continued improvement.

Why am I getting warts?
They probably aren't warts. Skin tags are flesh colored polyps that usually start to show up in our 30s. By age 70 about 60 percent of us have skin tags. They are common in areas with friction, such as underarms, beneath breast, and around the neck. Skin tags are easily removed by a dermatologist.

Talk with a cosmetic dermatologist for reliable solutions to maintaining healthy skin now and into the future.
Beautiful skin in your 40s and beyond
There is no substitute for professional skin care and daily sunscreen to maintain a youthful complexion, but time is relentless. In your 20s skin is supple, and sun damage hasn't begun to show. You enjoy a naturally healthy glow. By the time you reach your 30s, you probably notice fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. Cell turnover slows and reduced collagen production leaves skin thinner. Is it possible to keep skin radiant at 40, 50, and beyond? Yes, with these tips.
  • Cleanse morning and night with a creamy (not gel) product. 40-ish skin benefits from a mild salicylic acid or AHA wash once a day.
  • Strengthen collagen and fight crepeyness by smoothing a cream containing an antioxidant like Vitamin C or a peptide serum onto freshly washed skin, for better absorption.
  • Moisturize with an SPF 15 or higher, broad spectrum protection moisturizer.
  • Rejuvenate while you sleep with a prescription retinoid. It reduces pigmentation spots, increases natural exfoliation, and stimulates collagen production for a thicker dermis.
Remember, it's never too late to prevent new sun damage and stop progression of damage you already have. See us for medical grade products and techniques that slow the hands of time.
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Dr. Weaver is without a doubt the most caring and professional dermatologist/doctor I have ever been to. I had a colored tattoo removed and I was very nervous about the procedure; however, Dr. Weaver and his professional staff made me feel right at "home" the entire time and really put my mind at ease. The procedure to remove the tattoo went extremely well and the tattoo can no longer be seen. I would without a doubt recommend Dr. W Dermatology to my family, friends as well as everyone else! Thanks, Dr. Weaver for your great work, kindness and professionalism.

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