JANUARY Newsletter 2015
Three products that could be harming, rather than helping, your skin
There is a virtually endless array of skin care products, some of which are very common and well known. However, that doesn’t always mean they are entirely safe and beneficial. Below are three popular and established products, which your skin might be better off without.
  1. Antibacterial hand soap sounds like a great idea, but its usefulness has yet to be proven. Additionally, it can encourage development of resistant strains, and kill healthy bacteria. Research also indicates that a certain amount of bacterial exposure may be beneficial for maintaining the immune system.
  2. Facial scrubs often contain natural exfoliates such as ground seeds or fruit pits. They are especially popular as plastic micro-bead exfoliates have been shown to bypass filtration, harming water systems and causing environmental damages. Unfortunately, some of the most popular alternatives are too sharp, scratching, or abrading skin. A better exfoliator may be a sugar or salt scrub, or a rough washcloth.
  3. Generics, unknown brands, or worse yet, supposedly high-end products at impossibly low prices might be tempting for your budget, but they can be dangerous to your health. Low-end products may contain impure fillers, and counterfeit products often contain toxic ingredients.
Widespread study examines the safety of cosmetic dermatology
Some people hesitate to seek the cosmetic improvement that they desire due to safety concerns, due to stories of treatments-gone-wrong. However, the vast majority of such cases are the result of unqualified, sometimes “black market” practitioners. Researchers set out to determine how likely these kinds of problems are for patients seeking treatment from properly trained professionals.

An extensive study recently published by JAMA Dermatology reviewed tens of thousands of minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic dermatology procedures. Researchers examined the rate and severity of adverse reactions. Less than 0.2 percent of the procedures led to adverse events, such as nodules, persistent redness, or skin darkening. With over 20,000 procedures reviewed, no serious adverse events were reported. Researchers determined that, when performed by a properly trained professional, the procedures are safe.
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"DR. W Has truly changed my life. I’ve been living with Psoriasis/ Eczema for over 30 years. I’ve been to countless doctors and nothing could alleviate my problem. One of my friend ds referred me to this office. I started my Treatments about 2 months ago. Within the first couple of weeks I noticed results. Now 2 months later, I am almost healed. Dr. W is truly gifted. This staff is so friendly and they truly care about you.Now I feel brand new! I’m so excited about my transformation. Dr. W is amazing. I will be forever grateful. " ~ Shelita W.

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