JUNE Newsletter 2015
Head to toe sun safety
It seems unfair; the parts of your body that are least exposed typically have the most flawless skin. And, it’s no coincidence. Wrinkles, age spots, rough texture, skin cancer, and other concerns rarely develop in areas that are protected from the sun. If you were to live in a cave or cover your entire body 24 hours a day, your skin would likely stay youthful, healthy, and beautiful. However, that is not very practical and fortunately, it is not necessary.

Here are a few tips for protecting the most vulnerable areas while enjoying time outdoors this summer:
  • Scalp – Unless you are bald, sunscreen is probably not a good option, but your scalp is still vulnerable to UV rays. Wear a hat when in direct sunlight.
  • Face – Choose cosmetic products with UV protection, but don’t make that your only defense. Also apply a base layer of broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  • Eyes – Often forgotten, your eyeballs and the tender skin surrounding them can easily be damaged by sun. Wear large frame sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Feet – Although easily protected with sunscreen when wearing sandals, the feet are often forgotten.
  • Hands – Yes, your hands need sunscreen too, and it needs to be re-applied every time you wash them.
Summer cosmetic tips
With summer comes sweltering temperatures and sweaty skin, conspiring to ruin your makeup. Here are some tips to help you survive the rising temperatures with sizzling style:
  • Wear waterproof makeup. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, it will survive perspiration and humidity better.
  • Go for a natural look. Less is often more when choosing summer cosmetics.
  • Look for products with SPF protection, but use sunscreen as well.
  • Avoid powders, as they tend to clump and look bad if you sweat. Light creams are a better bet for hot weather.
  • Use a setting spray to keep cosmetics in place.
  • If your skin is reacting badly to the changing weather, you may need to alter your regular skincare regimen. Ask your dermatologist for advice.
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Patient Reviews
"For about two years, I’ve had problems with skin irritations in my inner elbow area on both arms, behind the knees of both legs, on my lower legs and inside on top of my ankles as well as inside my armpits. The problem occurred when the weather became hot (late spring and summer into early fall), and was terribly annoying because these areas itched a lot and then left some dark scarring. Last summer, the problem spread to my neck area!

Until I saw Dr. Weaver, I was trying to alleviate the condition with Tinactin and then alcohol, but the alcohol blistered the skin on my neck!

I decided finally to call and schedule an appointment with the doctor (who has been treating my son for severe acne-cyst formation, etc for over a year). Dr. Weaver diagnosed my condition as a form of eczema and prescribed an ointment and gave samples of a pill.

As soon as I started using this ointment, the problem improved tremendously! I am very satisfied with the results I have seen and by the way, haven’t even needed the pills.

Thank you Dr. Weaver!!!"

~ Angela L.

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