September Newsletter 2015
Do you have water bottle wrinkles?
We’ve been warned about lines and wrinkles caused by smiling, frowning, squinting, and of course smoking. Now, another culprit has been identified, and it’s a habit that you probably thought was healthy: Drinking from water bottles. Hydration is important for your entire body, including your skin, but your choice of containers could lead to creases around your mouth.

The effect of drinking from a bottle regularly is very similar to that of smoking, because the same muscles are used. Drinking from a glass, rather than a bottle, could help prevent premature aging around the mouth. Unfortunately, if the wrinkles have already formed it’s too late for simple prevention. However, treatments such as injectables and skin resurfacing can wash away those water bottle lines.
The benefits of treating adult acne: More than skin deep
Many people think of acne as a teen problem, but it can develop at any age. Adult acne is actually quite common, especially among women. About 20 percent of acne patients are adult females between the ages of 25 and 40. While teenagers with acne often suffer from embarrassment, a new study shows that the emotional toll may actually be greater when the condition strikes during adulthood.
  • About four out of ten people surveyed said adult acne is more stressful
  • Half of survey participants considered acne more unattractive than wrinkles
  • About 40 percent reported that acne negatively affected their self-esteem and mood
Without treatment, severe acne can leave scars, which perpetuate the emotional impact long after the outbreak is over. Fortunately, today we have a number of excellent options for halting acne breakouts and erasing their cosmetic effects. These include topical serums, facials, light therapy, and more. Because every person responds differently to medications, acne treatment is highly individualized. If you have visible signs of past acne, scar revision may be a good option.
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What’s new at your practice?
We are offering 2 new services
  1. Platelet Rich Plasma [PRP] for Hair Loss and for Skin Treatments to help aging skin and acne scars.
  2. Microneedling to help aging skin and acne scars; it can be used alone or combined with PRP.
Call us and set up a time for a free consultation to see how you can benefit from these services.
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Patient Reviews
"Life After Acne: by Janese M.

I had suffered from acne almost all my life, and ever since I hit puberty, it has been a constant curse. But now that Dr. Weaver has persistently worked hard to treat my face with his acne treatment, my face looks fresher, clearer, and cleaner. I no longer have breakouts and those nasty blackheads. Life has meaning now!!!!

Thank You.

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