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FEBRUARY Newsletter 2016
Cold sore or canker
You have a painful lesion developing on your lip. Is it a cold sore, or a canker sore? Both are quite common, and often confused. There are two noticeable differences. First, cold sores typically develop on the outside of the lips, while canker sores are nearly always inside the mouth. The other difference is that a canker sore appears as an ulcer; a cold sore begins as a blister, then turns into an ulcer.

Medically, they differ in many ways. Canker sores are associated with inflammation, but the cause is unknown. They are harmless and temporary. Topical medication can make canker sores more comfortable, and they typically resolve themselves. Cold sores are well understood. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus type I. A person affected by the virus will have occasional outbreaks, often associated with times of stress or skin injury. Cold sores may be treated with topical medication to speed healing, or oral medication to prevent outbreaks.

If you have any type of chronic or recurring sore, it is best to consult with a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
Long-term Botox benefits
Botox and similar treatments such as Dysport or Xeomin are among the most popular anti-aging treatments. With continued use, the benefits may increase, according to new research published in the September issue of Dermatological Surgery.

Researchers studied nearly 200 Botox patients, charting their results over the course of five years. For new Botox patients, injections were needed every 129 days for glabellar lines, and 136 days for crow’s feet. After five years of regular treatments, those numbers increased to 176 days for glabellar lines, and 209 days for crow’s feet. They also noticed that the dosage needed to active optimal results decreased.

Researchers also discussed a few other interesting facts, such as:
  • 85 percent of patients also received dermal filler treatment
  • 89.6 percent of patients reported looking younger that their actual ages
  • The average perceived age difference was 6.9 years younger
  • 91.9 to 98.3 percent of patients were satisfied with the results of their injections
Glabellar lines and crow’s feet are the most common issues treated with these products. However, they can also be used for the lower face and many other areas where muscle-related lines appear.
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Patient Reviews
"I came to this clinic because of my friend’s excitement about her experiences here. I have noticed dramatic changes in her. She told me she had microdermabrasion so….that is what I wanted. I had no intention of getting Botox. But after consultations I decided to go for it and the end result is absolute excitement! I had no intention of getting that treatment but now I could be the poster giirl for Botox! I Love It!! People started noticing that I looked younger in 2 days! I feel sinful for the number of times I want to check myself out in the mirror.

I told my friend that I had received Botox and it turned out that she did too….she just didn’t tell me. We are both very happy with the results and also the warm, caring staff that make the experience complete.

Thank you,"

~ Dawna D

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