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Skin needs special care during cancer treatment

Cancer treatment can trigger side effects that impact skin appearance and comfort. It helps to know what they are and what you can do to manage them.

Dry, itchy skin and radiation burns. Most skin care products are designed to promote younger looking skin. Their exfoliants are too harsh for cancer patients. Stay away from formulations that peel, strip, or scrub. Look for gentle, moisturizing ingredients.
Facial rash and dark, puffy under-eye tissue. Because of its effect on the nervous systems, chemo can trigger skin reactions to things you were not allergic to before. Look for products with pure components that won’t bombard your skin with new allergens.
Fingernail problems. During treatment a mani can give you a real emotional lift. But be wary of chemicals, dyes, and heavy metals in polish and polish remover. Nicely buffed nails are better than an adverse reaction.
Hand-foot syndrome. Some anti-cancer drugs cause hands and feet to swell. The skin gets irritated and cracks. Hydration and heavy moisturizers are key to keeping this condition under control.

Minimizing the stress of skin problems related to cancer treatment lets you focus on healing.
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