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Itching to get through the winter season November is designated National Healthy Skin Month by the American Academy of Dermatology. It is an excellent time to evaluate the health of your skin.

Cold weather months are tough on those who suffer from a variety of skin conditions. Low outside temperatures, dry indoor heat, winter wind, and a tendency to drink less water contribute to irritated complexions from head to toe. Dry skin is uncomfortable. Itching interrupts sleep and scratching leads to secondary infection. Dehydrated skin also lacks a supple, youthful appearance.

These simple steps will help you ditch the itch if your skin is more sensitive:

•	Use mild soaps and lather only where necessary for body odor control 			(underarms, groin, and feet).
•	Skip long soaks in the tub. Hot showers remove natural oils so take short 		showers with cooler water which won’t strip natural skin oils as readily.
•	Wash towels in hypoallergenic laundry detergent.
•	Gently pat dry, rather than vigorously buffing.
•	Within three minutes of showering, apply moisturizer all over to seal in 			hydration.
•	Heavier moisturizers and baby oil lubricate dry skin, but may feel greasy. 			Save those for bedtime.
•	Drink plenty of water. Women need about 9 cups per day for good overall 		health; men about 13.

Remember, spring is only a few months away!
So, you are thinking about Botox . . . 
            If you’re at that age where frown lines between the brows are causing you to look angry or tired when you actually feel fine, it’s a great time to consider Botox. Here are the basics you should know.

•	Botox is real medicine, available only for purchase by licensed              			physicians. As with any medication, there is some risk of side effects. 				Botox should be administered only under the direction of a trained       			physician.
•	Botox is non-surgical. Injections are made with a very fine needle just 				beneath the skin to interrupt signals from nerves that tell muscles to 				contract (forming furrows).
•	Botox treatment is well-tolerated. Most patients say they feel only a little 			“pinch, then about ten seconds of “bite.” There’s no downtime following 			treatment.
•	Botox is temporary. Results begin to appear about one to two weeks after 		injections, and last up to six months. Most patients are so pleased with 			the results that they schedule repeat touch-ups. Because Botox retrains 			muscles to relax, so results last longer as you continue treatment.

This holiday season give yourself the gift of a refreshed face. Find out why Botox is the most popular procedure in cosmetic dermatology today.
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